Building a New Swimming Pool

Tips to Consider Before Building a New Pool

If you are planning on installing an in ground swimming pool, you have probably spent a lot of time thinking about the enjoyment it will bring to you and your family on a hot summer day. In addition to providing a place to exercise, relax, and enjoy time with family and friends, a swimming pool is a long term investment and it is wise to prepare for making this decision well in advance. Before diving into this big project, take the time to educate yourself and consider how you see the pool being used now, as well as in the future.

Create a Plan An in-ground pool requires thoughtful planning since it will remain as a permanent structure in your yard. Determine the size of the pool that will best fit your property parameters, and also consider the length, size and depth that will best suit your primary reasons for owning a pool. Consideration must be given to the shape of the lot, the existing landscape, the terrain and sun exposure.

Select A Contractor Ensure that your pool will be well built by hiring an experienced, trusted pool contractor. Ask for references and also take the time to look at some of their other projects. This will give you a sense of what your completed project will be like, and it may also help you to visualize some ideas for your own swimming pool.

Develop a Budget Once you determine the cost of the construction and installation of a new pool, remember to include additional costs for any decking, fencing, landscaping and lighting that will be necessary for your pool area.   Also, set a budget for maintenance including the cost of pool chemicals and accessories needed to maintain your pool.

Pool Equipment Once your pool has been built, properly sized equipment is essential to keep your water sparkling clean. The right equipment helps to greatly reduce the amount of maintenance needed to operate your pool,

  • The pump is the main component of a pool system. It creates a vacuum, which pulls water from the pool through a skimmer and then through a filter, chlorinator, and cleaner before returning the water to the pool.
  • The filter helps keep the pool clean and clear by removing impurities such as dirt, leaves, grass, hair, and body oils from the water. The three most popular types of filters are sand, cartridge, and vertical grid DE.
  • There are several options available to monitor and replace the chemicals that are needed to keep your pool sanitary. These include chlorinators as well as saltwater systems which are more environmentally friendly, and gentler to swimmers.
  • A pool heater is a popular option that many homeowners on Cape Cod use to extend the swimming season.  Today’s systems operate more efficiently, but must be sized appropriately.  Solar heating may also be an option for your pool.

Landscaping A landscape design is essential to help you decide the best placement for your new pool, because once it is installed, it becomes a permanent fixture in your yard. Landscaping provides beauty and privacy around a swimming pool and it can also help hide swimming pool equipment. Selecting the right fence is important for safety, but it can also enhance the privacy around your pool. A professional landscape designer can help you blend your new pool in naturally with the surrounding environment, and make your pool area a beautiful place for you to enjoy.

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