Ductless A/C

Improve Your Comfort Zone With Ductless Air Conditioning

By David Hazel

Life is constantly changing, and these changes can affect how you use your home. Do you spend most of your time in just two or three rooms in your house? Now you can save energy by turning down the thermostat and using zone control to keep the spaces you use the most at your ideal temperature.

Your family deserves every room in your home to be comfortable, secure and inviting. Whether you’re replacing old window units, remodeling a kitchen, converting a room into an office, or just trying to make your home more comfortable, a split ductless system may be the perfect solution for your home. A ductless air conditioning system allows you to air condition even the areas of the rooms that are difficult to reach.

With today’s advanced compressor technology, you can achieve consistent temperatures throughout any room, even in spaces you thought would be impossible to fix, while saving energy year round.  Zone control is one of the key benefits of a split system because you can control the temperature within any space that has an indoor unit that is attached to the system. Personalized comfort control is available in up to eight rooms on one outdoor unit.

The units can be installed practically anywhere, and blend into a room without taking up window space. After all, who wants to occupy a window with an air conditioner when you could mount it out of sight high on the wall? Ductless systems eliminate the need for noisy, heavy window units. In addition, window mounted air conditioners on the first floor are a security risk, providing an easy access into your home for thieves.

A qualified contractor can usually install a ductless system in in about a day. There is little to no ductwork required, so you don’t have to worry about a big mess in your home, interrupting your life or costly remodeling expenses. The sleek indoor unit mounts discreetly on the wall, while a pair of refrigerant lines, plus power and control wiring connect it to the outdoor unit through a very small opening in the wall.

The price of oil and other fuels has risen sharply, and it is predicted that prices will remain high, making  the ductless systems’ ability to efficiently cool and heat even more attractive. Ductless systems are up to 40% more efficient than standard window units for cooling, and the heating performance is far superior to traditional heat pumps There are several systems available with ENERGY STAR ratings, so you can get even more comfort from the knowledge you are doing your part for the environment. You may also qualify for up to $300 in federal tax credits, and some systems may also qualify you for state rebates from local utility providers. . All this technological innovation means you can reduce your energy consumption and save money on your energy costs while enjoying the comfort of your home.

About the Author: David Hazel is the northeast region area manager for Mitsubishi Electric HVAC.  He has worked in the HVAC industry for more than 14  years, and serves as a Board Member and past Chapter President of the New England Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA).

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