Home Inspection Tips

Are you looking to buy your first home?

These helpful tips from Gibson Home Inspection will let you know what to expect during the inspection and allow you ample time to prepare for the inspection.

  • Allow approximately two to three (2-3) hours for a full inspection.
  • Arrange the date, time and duration with buyers agents and /or occupants.
  • Be sure all utilities will be on and systems operational the day of the inspection (water, electric, gas and/or oil).
  • Occupant should provide access to all areas of the home. Stored items should not inhibit access.
  • Advise occupants that all equipment and systems will be operated by a professional and will be left in the condition they were found.
  • The buyer should be present if at all possible.
  • Have the buyer’s full name, address and phone numbers available.
  • Have the correct inspection address and directions to the property.
  • Please give us a minimum 24 hours for cancellation or postponement notices, if possible.


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