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Thank you for your interest in The Cape Cod Homeowner’s Resource Guide.

For more advertising information, please call Cara Winslow (508) 364-5663.

The Cape Cod Homeowners Resource Guide has been a growing success since 2009, and 2016 has cchrg cover 2016
been a year which has brought about several great new opportunities. We have expanded our advertising efforts to offer homeowners year round values while continuing our philosophy of independently creating affordable advertising products for Cape Cod businesses.

The Cape Cod Homeowners Resource Guide is sent out annually, each June, to 40,000 homeowners with assessed values over $300,000, targeting both primary and second-homeowners

In addition to the Annual Edition of The Cape Cod Homeowners Resource Guide, we also offer seasonal supplemental magazines to help keep your products and services on the minds of consumers for the entire year. It is sent to a direct mail list of 15,000 selected by the zones with the highest average home value & income. All Ads & Coupons include FREE ONLINE Promos on the website & facebook, and design cost for ads is included.

no display racks

The Cape Cod Homeowners Resource Guide is always DIRECT MAILED – not sitting in a magazine rack at the grocery store!

The Cape Cod Homeowners Resource Guide and each of its supplemental issues is direct mailed through the U.S. Post Office, guaranteeing that your message will be received and read by your target market. Unlike many other publications which claim to have similar circulation rates, Cape Cod HRG is never distributed via displays at retail outlets. There is NO BULK DISTRIBUTION! USPS verified circulation is always available to our advertisers upon request.     

Check out our website to see how we are already working with many Cape Cod businesses to provide them qualified leads directly from the web.  The Cape Cod Homeowners Resource Guide Coupons are also available on-line, reinforcing your print media marketing dollars by giving you dual exposure through the Internet.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like further information about our upcoming 2017 issues of the Cape Cod Homeowners Resource Guide.



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