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Our customers have a variety of reasons for using the services that Mid-Cape Garage Door Inc provides. When selling a home, curb appeal is considered very important in generating interest from potential buyers. The garage doors are a big part of what a person views from the street and may even effect their decision to look at the house further. We offer homeowners many different styles and colors to choose from to best compliment the appearance of your home.

Energy costs continue to rise, but energy efficient options are available. Garage door manufacturers have developed new doors that are available with insulation ratings equal to or better than the R-Value ratings in the outside walls of the average house. In some cases a federal tax incentive of up to $500 may be available for replacing an old garage door with an insulated one that meets federal standards. There are certain requirements that must be met to qualify for these credits.

If your garage door is not functioning properly, it may not need to be replaced. Sometimes a repair is enough to keep the garage door and electric opener operational for many more years. We would be have to inspect your garage door before you invest in a total replacement.

Mid-Cape Garage Door Inc has been in business since 1948, installing, repairing and replacing garage doors and electric openers. All of this experience gives us the knowledge and ability to work on most manufacturer’s products. Mid-Cape Garage Door Inc is a member of the Dennis Chamber of Commerce, NFIB and is fully insured. We are also a proud sponsor of many charitable organizations and local teams.

Visit our showroom in DennisPort and let our experienced and courteous staff assist you. Use our COUPON and Save!


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