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Specializing in redecorating in less than a day, using available furnishings and accessories to create a lasting impression.

Home Staging prepares a house for the real estate market. Simplified believes that a successful home staging combines expert marketing and decorating techniques to create an environment to which a buyer can aspire and feel at home. “If I buy this house, I can live like this.”  Staging offers the seller a competitive edge by bringing out the best features of the home so it will sell more quickly and at top dollar.  This is usually done by de-cluttering, creating a smooth flow of traffic, and redesigning individual rooms.

Interior redesign is the art of updating and refreshing a room or entire house for the owner’s enjoyment.  Most of us become too accustomed to the same placement of furniture and uninteresting arrangements of wall and shelf items. Rather than a total renovation, which usually costs thousands, a redesign eliminates monotony and makes the home feel new again.

For both home staging and redesigning, the philosophy of Simplified is to approach any area with fresh eyes and a lot of creativity. An analysis of eight elements and “emotional connection points” determines the various options available, depending on the owner’s budget.  Often, a staging or redesign becomes an exciting transformation with only the furniture and accessories which are already in the home.  The result makes each area more attractive and more comfortable, while always keeping the home owner’s personal taste in mind.

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