Solar Hot Water

Heating Water with Sunlight

Solar thermal is the collection, storage and use of heat from sunshine to make hot water. Schüco’s Solar Thermal transfer systems are one of the most effective alternative methods of generating energy and lowering your utility bills – all without any inconvenience to your lifestyle or change to your home’s beauty.

Schüco Solar Thermal Systems

These systems are an easy way to help the environment and add value to your home.   All of our systems feature:

  • Sleek Schüco mounting systems that minimize roof perforations and that optimize performance
  • A fast and easy installation process performed by your local Schüco partner
  • Maintenance-free convenience

Solar Benefits
* Saves Energy
* Promotes Renewable Technologies
* Reduces Greenhouse Gases
* Reliable

Tax Incentives

A 30% tax credit for consumers who install solar water heating systems is available until 2016. Massachusetts also allows a 15% credit, up to $1,000, against the state income tax for the net expenditure of a renewable-energy system (including installation costs) installed on an individual’s primary residence. You must consult with your tax professional to find out how these credits may apply to your personal situation.

Authorized Dealer & Installer:
E.F. Winslow
(800) 870-1117


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