Storm and Hurricane Shutters

The Northeast is in a high activity cycle with a major hurricane predicted in the near future. Even without the occurrence of a hurricane, global weather patterns are imposing a greater uncertainty in the upcoming storm season which is in effect from June through November. The region’s more commonly occurring Nor’Easters can also cause significant damage from wind-driven rain, strong winds and debris. According to the Chief Forecaster of the AccuWeather Hurricane Center,

“The Northeast is staring down the barrel of a gun…” “The Northeast coast is long overdue for a powerful hurricane, and with the weather patterns and hydrology we’re seeing in the oceans, the likelihood of a major hurricane making landfall in the Northeast is not a question of if but when.”

Nothing can replace the loss of decades of memories established in a home or efforts invested into building a business so it is important to protect your property with durable hurricane screens and shutters.  




Due to the increased predictions of a major storm, many insurance carriers are dropping coastal customers or increasing rates dramatically. Those insurance companies that still write policies in coastal areas are increasingly demanding that homeowners deploy wind damage protection products in order to be insured. By installing “rated” window & door shutters, many homeowners may qualify for discounts on their policies, including waivers of deductibles in the event of wind-driven damage to their home. If a severe storm occurs, this wind deductible waiver alone can cover the cost of the screens.

The very close call of Hurricane Earl this past September reminded us just how important it is to be prepared for major storms. When a hurricane or Nor’Easter is forecast, homeowners need to be able to act quickly, safely and efficiently. Alternatives such as plywood are not feasible; installing these heavy boards is often contingent on hired help, which is scarce in the event of an impending storm. Storm shutters and screens are extremely quick and easy to set up and provide a high degree of visibility when they are installed in advance of a storm. Homeowners can have peace of mind that their home, family and valuables are protected throughout the storm.


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