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Damaged or diseased trees should be taken care of before the winter to keep your home and property safe.  Taking care of the trees on your property ensures safety and helps prolong their life. Regular tree care will help identify hazardous trees and the risk they present. Trees and large branches that fall can cause injury to people, serious damage to your home or car, or power outages.

Be aware of these warning signs that your tree needs to be cared for:

·        Large dead or detached branches or leaves in the tree

·        Dead wood along the trunk or in major branches

·        Mushrooms growing at roots or trunk

·        Peeling Bark

·        Insects or eaten leaves

·        Trunk develops a significant lean

·        Ground has recently been changed by construction or major landscaping

·        Leaves develop an unusual color or size

Some injured trees can be treated and repaired to maintain their health and value to your home, but others should be removed. When hiring someone to work on your trees, be sure you use a certified, experienced professional, and insured contractor.
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Tree broken by heavy snowfall

Tree broken by heavy snowfall


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